Current Projects

Clinical Trials (Investigator-driven)
Observational Studies (Investigator-Driven)

Clinical Trials (Investigator-driven)

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Technology using Wii Gaming System in Stroke Rehabilitation.
Dr. Gustavo Saposnik (SMH), Dr. Leonard Cohen (National Institute of Health, USA- Director, Cortical Plasticity), Dr. Kevin Thorpe (SMH), Judith Hall (SMH), Dr. Muhammad Mamdani (SMH), Dr. Andreas Laupacis (SMH), Dr. Bob Teasell (University of Western Ontario), Donna Cheung (SMH), Jacqueline Willems (SMH), Dr. Mark Bayley (TRH)
Funding: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Ontario Stroke Network and Ministry of Health ($493,800)

Effectiveness of iPad technology for HOME Rehabilitation after stroke (iHOME acute).
PI: Dr. Gustavo Saposnik, Co-PI: Dr. Chi-Ming Chow. Collaborator(s): Mark Bayley, Leonardo Cohen, Robert Teasell, Jacqueline Willems, Edward Brawer, Muhammad Mamdani, Judith Hall, Kevin Thorpe.
Funding: Ontario Stroke Network, HSFO, and Ontario Ministry of Health ($74,623)

iPad tablet technology for HOME Rehabilitation in patients after stroke (iHOME chronic).
PI: Dr. Gustavo Saposnik, Co-PIs: Dr. Schweizer, Swartz
Collaborators: Dr. Mark Bayley, Dr. Chi-Ming Chow, Edward Brawer.
Funding: HSFC Center for Stroke Recovery ($49,600)

Web: iHOME

Clinician JUdgment and RiSk Score prediction of Ischemic stroke outComes (JURaSSiC)
PI: Dr. Gustavo Saposnik, Collaborators: Cote R, Mamdani M, Raptis S, Thorpe KE, Fang J, Redelmeier DA, Goldstein LB.
Sponsor: supported in part by the Heart and Stroke Foundation New Investigator Award given to Dr. Saposnik

Observational Studies (Investigator-Driven)

Understanding Post-Stroke Driving Capacity: an fMRI Driving Simulator
Study. PI: Schweizer, T.A. Collaborator(s): Graham, S., Naglie, G., Saposnik, G., Macdonald, R.L., Hung, Y.
Funding: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada ($113,770)

English proficiency and research funding and acceptance of submitted articles to STROKE journal.
Collaborators: Saposnik G, Ovbiagele B, Raptis S, Fisher M, Johnston SC.
Sponsor: AHA, Stroke Journal

Impact of reviewer on final editorial decisions of submitted articles to STROKE journal.
Collaborators: Sposato L, Ovbiagele B, Fisher M, Johnston SC, Saposnik G.
Sponsor: AHA, Stroke Journal

fMRI neurofeedback applied to motor imagery in stroke.
PI: Graham, Simon. Collaborator(s): Black, S.E., Boe, S., Saposnik, G., Staines, R., Schweizer, T.A.
Funding: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada ($278,214).

Stroke Outcomes in patients with Cardiac Failure
Dr. Jitphapa Pongmoragot, Dr. Doug Lee, Dr. Peter Austin, Dr. Jiming Fang, Dr. Gustavo Saposnik
Funding: Registry of the Canadian Stroke Network

Stroke Awareness in teenagers
Cassandra Ottawa, Dr. Gustavo Saposnik

The Ontario Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention Registry.
PI: Dr. David Gladstone. Collaborator(s): Drs Richard Swartz, Gustavo Saposnik, Frank Silver
and the UTSP investigators.
Funding: Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Stroke Strategy (OSS), Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario ($85,900)

Decision making in acute stroke care
Collaborators: Saposnik G, Johnston SC.
Sponsor: supported in part by the Heart and Stroke Foundation New Investigator Award given to Dr. Saposnik

Influence of seizures on stroke outcomes: a large multicenter study.
PI: Dr Jorge Burneo. Collaborators: Huang CW, Saposnik G, Fang J, Steven DA
Sponsor: Canadian Stroke Registry and University of Western Ontario

Pulmonary embolism in ischemic stroke: clinical presentation, risk factors, and outcome.
PI: Dr. Jitphapa Pongmoragot. Collaborators: Rabinstein AA, Nilanont Y, Swartz RH, Zhou L, Saposnik G
Sponsor: Canadian Stroke Registry, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Canadian Fabry Stroke Screening Initiative (CFSSI)
PIs: Drs Saposnik, Lanthier, Selchen. Collaborators: Drs. Muhammad Mamdani, David Moore (Senior Investigator).
Site PIs and Participating Institutions:
Walter C. Mackenzie HSC (Dr. Butcher)
CHA-Hôpital de L’enfant Jesus (Drs. Mackey & Verreault)
CHUM (Dr. Lanthier)
Foothills Hospital (Dr. Hill)
Grey Nuns Hospital (Dr. Buck)
Hôpital Charles LeMoyne (Dr. Boulanger)
Robarts Research Institute (Dr. Spence)
St. Michael’s Hospital (Drs. Selchen & Saposnik)
Sunnybrook (Dr. Swartz)
Toronto Western Hospital (Dr. delCampo)
University Hospital (Dr. Hachinski)
QEII Health Sciences Centre (Dr. West)
Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus (Dr. Stotts)
CHUS (Dr. Gosselin)
St. Joseph’s Health Care (Dr. Yegappan)
Trillium Health Centre (Dr. Mehdiratta).
Funding: Canadian Stroke Consortium ($853,928)

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