SORCan is a group of investigators with a shared research interest in stroke outcomes, stroke epidemiology and stroke health services research.

Mission and Objectives

SORCan focuses on research and discovering new understanding about stroke, recovery, and stroke care delivery.

SORCan partner with existing groups (eg. Canadian Stroke Consortium, Canadian Stroke Strategy, Canadian Stroke Network, ICES, SRRR, WSO, etc.) to achieve its goals.

SORCan functions via the projects and funding of individual members.

SORCan seeks to garner team grant research funding for future initiatives.

Terms of Reference (TOR)

The Founding Chair of SORCan is Gustavo Saposnik.  Membership in the SORCan Group will be by invitation or application. New memberships applications will require approval in one of two ways. Firstly, a new membership can be approved by consensus (or vote) of a SORCan meeting where there is quorum. Secondly, a new member may be approved assuming 2/3rds of total membership can provide a letter or email supportive of the new member.

Any funding received by SORCan will be managed in a research trust account at the chair’s home institution. However all expenditures will need to be approved in principal by the SORCan membership in one of two ways. Firstly, expenditures may be approved by a consensus (or vote) of the participants of a SORCan meeting that has quorum with funding approvals tracked in meeting minutes. Secondly, the Chair may obtain approval for expenditures by letter or email assuming 2/3rds of total membership approve the expense. Multiple expenses may be approved by the SORCan membership in the form of a budget attached to a specific time frame.

Publications financially supported by funds or resources contributed by SORCan will need to acknowledge SORCan in the acknowledgements section of the manuscript, poster, presentation or other publication. Where SORCan does not contribute funds or resources, SORCan members can exercise individual discretion in determining whether the SORCan will be acknowledged in the authorship or acknowledgements sections of a manuscript, poster, presentation or other publication. Where SORCan members work in collaboration a principal investigator/author needs to be identified for each project. The principal investigator/author will then designate the authorship order of other investigators/authors based on contribution. Alternatively where two or more authors plan to make clearly equal contributions to a particular project authorship order can be decided by negotiation at the initiation of the project. Changes in initial order of authorship can occur after the start of a project only by unanimous consensus of the authors affected by any such change. The ICMJE criteria for authorship of publications will be adhered to.

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